My name is April, and I’m currently located in Oaxaca, Mexico. My husband and I are going against the grain for a few years as we take the opportunity to live and travel abroad before eventually settling down in our hometown.

I’ve always been pretty firmly planted in the real world. I’m known for my general lack of interest of in pop culture, for never watching movies, and for my affinity for nonfiction. Perhaps that’s why my primary interests tend to revolve around my reality: figuring out why it is the way it is, as well as how it can be improved. I love the feeling of gaining new insight into an old topic. I thrive on feeling like I’m making the most of the hand I’ve been dealt. That’s definitely not to say that I’m always living optimally – “most of the time” is probably not even accurate. But I do find the process of striving toward that goal to be enriching.

HereĀ I plan to discuss a little bit of everything. This is not a travel blog, although I do love to travel; nor is it a finance blog, although I am known among my friends and family for my frugality. Despite my personal struggles with chronic migraine and anxiety, this is also not a health/mental health blog. Rather, my goal is to share my perspective on a variety of topics to document what I’ve learned in my quest to live a little richer.